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Creative Marketing & Motion Designer


My name is Jeremy, a Creative Marketing & Motion Designer located in

Los Angeles, CA. I'm also proudly LGBTQ+ paint artist and new fantasy writer in my free time. Ready to meet me?

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About me.

I'm Jeremy Siret. I was born in La Rochelle, France, in 1991 (Gen Y).

I have always been interested in creative activities. Also, in addition to my career as Creative Marketing and Motion Designer, I started to paint and write a novel. My creative journey is always expanding with new activities.

On a more personal note, I met my partner in 2019 here in LA, during a business trip, when I was still living in France. With a long distance relationship made more difficult with covid and the travel restrictions, we decided to marry each other in 2021 to continue our story together. I moved in USA the same year, obtaining my green card a few months after the wedding. We're also recent parents of a beautiful 1 year old puppy named Michelle.

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